Doha, Qatar

Designed by Pei Partnership Architects on the scenic Doha Bay, the Museum of Islamic Art Park is an approximately 70-acre public space set to transform the waterfront of Doha, Qatar. The new park was developed by Qatar Museums Authority (QMA) and is located on the grounds of the acclaimed Museum of Islamic Art, which was designed by I.M. Pei and opened in 2008.

The park includes a new pier and plaza as the setting for a monumental site-specific vertical steel sculpture entitled “7” by internationally-acclaimed American artist Richard Serra. The sculpture consists of seven rectangular pieces of weathering steel approximately 24m tall by 2.44 m wide by 100mm thick leaning against each other in an approximately 7-meter diameter heptagonal plan configuration. This is the artist’s first public work in the Middle East. It is the collaborative objective of Pei Partnership Architects and QMA to make the park a central attraction for children, adults, and artists—a haven for cultural, educational and recreational exploration.

The new park, which opened to the public in January 2012, is organized on the north part of the peninsula and along the existing cornice as a grand lawn of sloped geometrical planes with two valleys. A series of tent structures within the valleys of the landscape complement the geometry of the hills. The tents function as open gathering places covering kiosks/program elements such as a café, restaurant and restrooms to serve the general public. The park also contains children’s activities and other cultural amenities.
Upcoming program elements include an amphitheater with a floating stage located at the east end of the peninsula and a future formal restaurant at the west end of the peninsula.

The Museum of Islamic Art Park features about three kilometers of lighted pedestrian pathways shaded by native palm trees. Visitors may also find paddle boats for rent in a small cove in Doha Bay as well as complimentary WiFi access throughout the park and interactive digital signage is available with information on various activities taking place around Doha. Year-round public activities at the Museum of Islamic Art Park include film screenings, sports events, storytelling programs and art workshops.