This is the first luxury residential development designed by Pei Partnership Architects in Manhattan. The location is a prime midtown site in the Fifth Avenue district within walking distance to some of the city’s most recognized landmarks and shops on a block that is home to boutique hotels, luxury merchants as well as corporate headquarters.

The design draws inspiration from the restrained elegance and human scale of the neighborhood and both evokes and updates a century-old tradition of luxury residential properties marked by handsome silhouettes, rich materials and gracious appointments.

The Centurion is an 18-story structure containing 48 units ranging in size from 800 to 2,400 sq. ft. plus three penthouse duplexes of approximately 3,000 sq. ft. The principle south-facing elevation is distinguished by a dramatic stepped profile punctuated with large windows and a succession of shallow balconies and deep terraces offering spectacular views, light and air. Prominently composed are five double-height windows that draw the observer’s eye upwards in a symmetrical arrangement that serves architecturally as the building’s “face”. Framed in dark gray mullions, when illuminated, these windows will appear lantern-like giving the building a recognizable personality and presence even at great distances. The principal enclosing material is Chamesson limestone quarried from the French Burgundy region and characterized by its warm beige color and gentle wisps of brown veining that animate each handset stone. The entire façade rests on a base of dark gray Jet Mist granite.

The grand external presence of the building’s form and materials extends to its entrance canopy of polished stainless steel, dark anodized aluminum and clear glass, and inside to its 15′-high lobby and concierge. Here, Magny du Louvre limestone graces the floors and one continuous feature wall while warm anigre wood introduces a more domestic palette of wall finishes, cabinetry and furniture. Decorative marbles and rich leathers provide scale, intimacy and sensory pleasure while plaster ceilings, custom carpets, elegant seating and fine art establish a gracious ambiance for residents and visitors alike.

A garden visible from the lobby through large panes of floor-to-ceiling glass contributes a unique and welcome addition to the lobby experience. The garden features cascades of water that flow over projecting weirs into a reflecting pool level with the lobby floor. The stone garden walls contain planters of ivy at different levels and seasonal flowers adding color and interest at its base.

*Pei Partnership Architects with I.M. Pei Architect