This project seeks to revitalize 30,000 sq. meters of parkland that was once the private gardens of the former British consulate in Shanghai. The historic site is bounded by Yuanming Yuan Road to the west and the famous Bund waterfront to the east. When completed, the new landscape will create a continuous garden park from Yuanming Yuan Road all the way to the historic Huang Pu Park at the edge of Suzhou Creek. The park and gardens will be a sumptuous mix of flowering trees such as star magnolias, cherry blossoms and peach trees set among ancient groves preserved from the site’s former gardens.

Several notable colonialist era buildings survive on the site, including the grand former British Consulate, the Consulate Residence, Union Church and boathouse, all of which will be fully restored and converted to an ultra exclusive resort and retail complex. The interiors of the consulate buildings will be converted to luxury hotel rooms with full 5 star amenities while the Union Church and boathouse will be entirely rebuilt to house a multi-use conference space and retail shops. Below grade, three levels of premium retail and resort club facilities will service the site, bringing much needed pedestrian traffic to the area and park above. Access to the retail areas below will be through a series of distinct glass pavilions that will become illuminated beacons throughout the landscape both day and night. Additionally, the retail levels and parking facilities will be full integrated with the adjacent Peninsula Hotel and Rockefeller developments currently under construction.

Anchoring the project is a new 70-meter-tall glass and metal panel landmark tower.  At its top, an all glass enclosed observation platform with full 360 degree views of the city will provide breathtaking views of the city, Huang Pu River and nearby Pudong.  At its base, a museum dedicated to the history of the area will anchor the tower to the retail complex below from which people can ascend via dedicated elevator to the observation desk at the top of the tower.

As part of the city’s efforts to revitalize this district, much of the Bund traffic congestion will be redirected into tunnels below grade and the once overcrowded Wai Bai Du Bridge running over the site will be converted to pedestrian access or entirely removed. As a result, the newly renovated parklands and buildings of this site will once again reintegrate themselves into the fabric of the city and provide a beautiful garden of repose amid the vibrant Bund waterfront.