Zhengzhou, an ancient city located adjacent to China’s Yellow River is rich in history and culture. Historically, Zhengzhou has been in a key position for traffic, culture and commerce in China’s Central Plains. The Central Business District (CBD) in the Zhengdong New District, approximately 3.45 square kilometers, is the business center of Zhengzhou City.

The double loop of urban planning, including finance, business, housing, tourism, entertainment, information and research functions of land use, provides a wide range of commercial and residential communities. The Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (ZCE) is now one of four futures exchanges in China. To promote the economic development of the Zhengdong New District, the new ZCE building is located at the southern main entrance of the CBD’s outer loop. The base is 5,300 square meters in area. There is a green belt to the west, an open river view to the south and the building acts as a gateway for visitors coming from the airport highway to access the CBD.

The orientation, solid appearance and functional organization of the building are all designed based upon these outstanding conditions. The office tower is erected on the south edge of the site, and the podium is the continuation of the tower on the north. The trading hall and most public facilities are located within the podium. The tower core is at a 45-degree angle from site, making its main façade face the main south artery of the CBD, and the two curviform bodies comprise the main office space.

The 4-story green roof at the top of the tower associated with the executive offices offers expansive views. The night lighting also allows the green roof to act as a beacon for the tower.