YU LONG STATE GUEST HOTEL, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia
Chifeng, Inner Mongolia

The Yu Long State Guest Hotel is currently the premier hotel facility in Chifeng which will be expanded to a larger 5-star facility comprised of 300 guest suites and a new Conference Center.  Most suites, including the 6 bay Presidential Suite, are to be housed in a 20 story tower clad in a honey colored limestone intended to match the brick hues of the existing facility.
The project comprises approximately 65,000sm of new construction and 19,000sm of interior renovation.  Additionally, two 900-seat ballrooms plus conference facilities are to be added, along with a luxurious two level executive spa, indoor tennis court, health club and glass enclosed swimming pool.

The current Guest house buildings will be converted to villa suites along with multiple private dining facilities and specialty restaurant venues to create a premier dining destination in Chifeng.  At the heart of the new complex will be a 3000sm glass covered atrium for year-round use, the first of its kind in the region. This unique atrium will be large enough to contain landscape features such as fountain pools, and a variety of shrubbery and tree species.
Landscaping around the site is also a large part of the project’s appeal as the current buildings are situated on approximately 75,000sm of green area adjacent to the Banche Jian river.

Expected completion is to be in 2014.