The Shenyang International Finance Center will be an 89-story, 420-meter tall Class A office building designed as the city’s tallest with world class standards of performance, efficiency and life safety. It will be the iconic landmark for a larger retail, hotel and service apartment complex slated to be the region’s largest.

The total floor area for the tower is 245,000 sq. meters, comprised of 79 office floors, each having approximately 2,800 sq. meters  of gross floor area with lease spans of 14 meters. Office floors are designed for flexibility and interfloor connectivity for single or multi-tenancies. Raised flooring and individual mechanical rooms located within the core ensure that tenants will enjoy the features and conveniences of a Class A international standard office building.

Office floors will have ceiling heights of 2.80 meters and floor-to-ceiling silver-reflective glass installed with triple glazed window units for sound isolation and environmental comfort. Eighteen trading floors with up to 4.20 meter ceiling heights are distributed throughout the tower. The top floors will contain an observation level and restaurant with direct dedicated shuttle lifts accessible from the ground floor

The tower is a composite structural system where the diagonal members of a perimeter braced frame are part of a wind and gravity system that work in conjunction with the central services core, significantly contributing to the building’s stiffness. At 15 story intervals the diagonals are connected to multi-story horizontal trusses, or “belts”, that effectively reduce the tower to a series of 6 smaller and more conventionally engineered buildings. Each stack is served by its own elevator bank and exit stairs but is functionally interconnected to the rest of the building.

The tower is designed to attain instant iconic status in Shenyang with its distinctive form, height and geometry. The aluminum and glass curtain wall with its unique diagonal bracing will be the signature feature conveying its mega-structure concept directly and proudly. At night these diagonals are delineated in white light drawing the eye to its pinnacle a full 420 meters above ground level while the four deeply recessed corners with their alternating “shelves” will become vertical beacons aiming upward to the clouds.

At holidays and during special events embedded LED lights integrated into the curtain wall will be capable of creating an unlimited variety of festival effects in still or moving images in any color or intensity.