Sentra BDNI is a large-scale, mixed-use complex surrounding a monumental public plaza. Major components of the 3.3 million-sq. foot project include a prismatic 62-story headquarters tower, a related 45-story tower for multinational leasing, a four-story high-end building, a 2,000-car underground garage and a skylit retail concourse that ties all of the components together.

The complex is located on a 6.6-acre superblock at the epicenter of the Golden Triangle, Jakarta’s prime business district. The towers are set back from the street to leave more than two-thirds of the site open for extensive landscaping and water features. Sentra BDNI provides a new and civic-minded alternative to the usual pattern of enclosed strip development in Jakarta.

Sentra BDNI’s distinctive form results from the integration of structure and architectural design. The faceted and reflective towers form a carefully balanced composition, like two pieces of monumental sculpture.

Structurally, the towers belong to an innovative composite steel and concrete megatruss system of high-rise construction that was initially pioneered at the Bank of China in Hong Kong. Fully expressed on the exterior, the structural system permits column-free interiors ranging from 4,000 sq. meters on the lower floors to 80 sq. meters at top for companies with special needs and high profile identities. In conjunction with concrete service cores, the system efficiently resists substantial seismic forces, while achieving a significant reduction in the overall weight of the building and in the amount of steel required.

Underground components include a 308-seat formal auditorium, a business center, teleconference center, banquet hall, health clinic, supermarket, post office, and a health and beauty spa together with more than 70 high-end boutiques and restaurants. All of these facilities are supported by underground parking and by climate-controlled passageways to each building in the complex and to two nearby hotels.

As a result of the 1998 Southeast Asian financial situation, construction of Sentra BDNI has been temporarily suspended at approximately 25% completion.